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Manufacturer Background

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Manufacturer Background

OEMfibers have more than 15years of experience and field proven expertise in design and deployment optical applications. The customized transceivers including 100Base /1000BASE/10G/25G/40G/56G/100G, we also support the direct attach cables(DACs) and active optical cables(AOCs) in different platform configurations.

Optical Transceivers Customization


100+ Vendors compatibility to accommodate customers' devices.


From 100Base ~ 100G transceivers

Applicable application

Distance in corresponding data rates are suited for different applications.

Temperature range

Operating Temperature Commercial temperature range of 0~70℃ to Industrial temperature range of - 40℃~80℃ are available for different operating environment.

wave length

Wavelength Certain irregular wavelengths are available for custom.

Label & Package

Label & Package, label pattern and color can be customized for specific needs.

DACs & AOCs Customization